We invite you to join our community, an enterprising group of Country Pubs which host RV'ers. Visit and park for 24 hours in exchange for supporting thier business, or simply shop our amazing marketplace.

How It Works

Browse Pubs and thier shops

Support your host by purchasing either $25 Adventure Dollars or items to the Value of $25 from your chosen hosts store.  You will be given a unique code and the hosts contact details.

Contact your Host and Book, then sit back, relax and take in everything your host has to offer.

Find Your Next Local

Adavale Outback Pub and Store

(3 Products )

Best Pub

(2 Products )

Country Glamping Qld

(2 Products )

Hollow Private Camp

(2 Products )

Hot Camp

(2 Products )

Kids Mega Camp

(2 Products )

NORTHEN TERRITORY - Adelaide River Inn

(0 Products )

NORTHEN TERRITORY - Aileron Roadhouse

(0 Products )

NORTHEN TERRITORY - Ridgemill Estate

(2 Products )

What is coming

☑ trekAbouts VIP Country Pub VIP Service

☑ Preorder meals ready for arrival

☑ Preorder drinks ready for arrival

☑ trekAbouts preferred parking/camp Spot

☑ Subscription Members Discounts

☑ Country Pub Directory

☑ Valuable travel tools

☑ Discounts on insurance

☑ Discounts on attractions

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